Often store owners would like to quickly and easily display an important message to their customers when they visit the site. This could be anything from a critical notification about delivery and shipping changes to marketing messages about a promotion that is currently on. Below are just a few of the example messages that could be shown:

  • Delivery schedule changes
  • Store opening times around holidays
  • Highlight time sensitive promotions
  • Display contact or support information

The Simple Popup application allows you to create a popup that can be displayed once per visit, or even on every page load. It can also be configured to always show on the cart, checkout or confirmation page, even if the user has seen it once already. A display delay can also be configured. For example, the popup could be configured to popup 5 seconds after the page has loaded.

The look and feel of the popup can also be designed to fit in with the design of the website, including font, close button, border and background.

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