Trouble Shooting

Why aren't my popups showing?

The Simple Popup App is currently only supported on Stencil powered themes. We hope to add support for older Blueprint themes soon.

One of the main reasons your popup isn't showing is because the app couldn't write scripts to your store. The main way Simple Popup works is by adding a Script entry to your site, and so long as your theme has the BigCommerce "footer.scripts" Handlebars command in the base.html page, the popup will show. This should work for the majority of custom built themes.

To check if your theme supports this, check the following file:

  • First, ensure the Script is installed correctly with BigCommerce. To do this, go to your BigCommerce admin, go to Storefront from the left hand menu, then click the Script Manager option. If the popup script is installed, you should see a script called "Agency51 Simple Popup".
    (Note: If your admin is missing the Script Manager option in the menu you can view it by clicking Channel Manger from the left menu, then selecting Scripts to the right of your theme).
  • If the Script is not in the list, there may have been an issue installing the App. Try re-installing and re-saving your popup, ensuring it is active.
  • Next, we need to check that the Scripts are being embedded onto your website. To do this you need to view your Theme files, and check the base.html file.
  • To do this, got to Storefront and select the Advanced button, and click Edit Theme Files. This will display your theme files.
    (NOTE: If this option is missing, again, you maybe able to find it by selecting Channel Manager, clicking the Edit theme button, going to the Theme Styles option on the left, then clicking the Edit Theme Files option).
  • On the left, from the file tree, expand templates and select base.html.
    NOTE: If base.html does not exist, then your theme maybe very custom, and you may need to get in touch with your developer.
  • In the right pane, you should see the base.html code. Scroll down and check that your file has {{{footer.scripts}}} present in the code. This code command is a BigCommerce command and should be present in the majority of Themes. This should be just before, or around, the closing body tag: </body>.
  • If this file is missing the {{{footer.scripts}}} code, then no scripts that have been configured within the BigCommerce admin will be injected onto the page. (ones that have been configured to show in the footer that is)
  • To fix this you can add the script code on the line above the closing body tag. The below image shows an example of this: